Bernard Kogovšek: Tolmun

01 Temne vode
02 Skozi vejevje
03 Tolmun
04 Molčal je gozd
05 Holm
06 Pozabljene globeli
07 Večne sence
08 Planil je veter
09 Potopljena samota

Tolmun is a result of an effort to combine the two sounds - the electric guitar with the sound of bassoon into a clear music image. Instead of rhythmic instruments, which would take over the direction of music, the melodies of both instruments prevail. Sometimes they sank and fade in the dialog to wash ashore on the surface. Different artistic worlds of musicians Bernard Kogovšek and Jure Mesec flow into new, astonishing sensation which created the electric guitar and the bassoon.

The bassoon arrangements contributed Jure Mesec, the established soloist from Orchestra SNG Opera and Ballet Ljubljana. As a soloist he performed also with well known orchestras as Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra, RTV Slovenia Symphonic Orchestra and Orchestra SNG Opera and Ballet Ljubljana. He received many musical rewards on republic and nation level.

The recording took place in the silence and tranquillity of former bee house on Vrhnika, which stands on the edge of the forest near the tolmun (river pool).

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